Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack, Caledon, Ontario 2009

Scott McFarland

Emptied Penguin Pool, London Zoo 2008

Scott McFarland

A Cultivated View

10/10/2009 - 28/11/2009

The rigorously composed photographs of Canadian artist Scott McFarland explore a variety of environments—manicured private landscapes, botanical gardens, public parks, zoos and the pastoral fringes of urban space—as sites in which the intersection between civilization, nature and the particular character of photographic representation can be investigated.

Drawing upon the histories of landscape painting and photography, McFarland’s images are digital composites, the product of several exposures of the same scene over a period of time that are stitched together into a seamless picture. This aspect of the images is revealed through subtle anomalies—such as out of season foliage or inconsistent shadows—that emerge during extended viewing. McFarland’s photographs undermine the traditional attachment of the photographic image to a specific moment and promote the potential of photography to reflect complex spatial and temporal realities.

This exhibition presents approximately 80 photographs produced by the artist over the past seven years. It includes images from recent projects such as McFarland’s Boathouse series and the Empire project, which depicts the Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California, as well as a new body of photographs that presents rustic scenes from southern Ontario..