Tobias Lehner

O.T. 2013

Tobias Lehner

O.T 2013

Tobias Lehner


07/12/2013 - 25/01/2014

UNION Gallery is pleased to announce a forthcoming solo exhibition by gallery artist Tobias Lehner. In his third solo show at the gallery, ‘Gyration’, Lehner will be presenting a new untitled series.

Gyration is a form of revolution in which the object’s rotational point is set off centre. With the object’s mass unbalanced centrifugal forces come into play, gravity exerts a tension and the structure integrity is pushed to its limits. A complex state of balance is necessary to maintain the movement.

Across UNION Gallery’s four walls Tobias Lehner’s latest series of paintings generate a sense of this impending collapse; his art imagines the precarious moment where this fracture may occur, the image is frozen and the outcome unknown. Each of Lehner’s works includes a central motif, a vortex, gyre or symbol of explosive potential; all are only seconds away from unleashing their catastrophic energies. If the motion cannot be maintained, or the acceleration increases the image will rupture.

Breaking from the Leipzig tradition of figurative painting Lehner instead drawing upon music to create his abstract[ed] landscapes. Lehner creates parallels between the composition of an audio space and the two-dimensional field of painting. Within each piece Lehner has included multiple visual notes, each contending for domination over the pictorial space. In these environments of musical discordance solid forms struggle to hold their structure and painted matter seems to evaporate out of the pictures’ parameters. Lehner binds it all together under overarching celestial frameworks and geometric diagrams.

Through paint alone Lehner is able to bring to life a vision of future landscapes, places that combine organic materials, architectural geographies and a mass of digital information. His art is a careful choreography that confronts the viewer with synthetic, yet uncannily real world.