Jenny Brosinski Robin Seir & Lucas Dupuy: Incunable

28/04/2018 - 09/06/2018

Union Gallery is pleased to present Jenny Brosinski \ Robin Seir, which includes new bodies of work by Berlin-based artist Jenny Brosinski and London-based painter Robin Seir, curated by William Gustafsson.

Brosinski and Seir communicate the real world through their own natural viewpoints via a deep understanding of their surroundings, art history and abstraction. Through their works the artists maintain the struggle for their own abstraction and complete composition. Tirelessly they work, re-work, add to, take from, and layer their canvases until finally the image presents itself, creating a nostalgia of their own painting process.

Their work strives for a natural ageing development. Thus, drifting away from the act of traditional painting on canvas and into our reality which has been effected by the elements, conditions, and time.

Aesthetics are deeply rooted into Seir’s paintings; he explores how aesthetics operate autonomously, associatively, referentially and cognitively. Seir fluctuates between the sterility of large expanses of metallic, and the warmth of uneven layers of paint and material. His heavily controlled abstract works inhabit the inconsistency of errors delivered by a painterly touch while balancing highly stylized symbols, drawn from the formal language of logotypes, typography, signage, iconography and religion.

Brosinski’s work is process-based and minimalistic while being deeply personal, a reflection of herself; her actions, thoughts, feelings. She “lives” with her works in the studio developing the paintings until they have nothing left of say, making the works complete. Brosinski strives for absolute spontaneity in her work. “I want to loose control”. She distances herself from traditional painting techniques and mediums through bleaching, staining, washing, drying, spraying, and marking her canvases.

Jenny Brosinski, b. 1984 in Celle, Germany, completed her undergraduate and Master’s degrees at the Weißensee Academy of Art in Berlin from 2006-2012. She was awarded the Elsa Neumann Scholarship in Berlin in 2011, the Fellowship Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart in 2012, and completed the Pilotenküche residency at Spinnerei, Leipzig in 2015. Brosinski’s exhibitions include those in Australia, America, Germany, Italy, Belgium, among others.

Jenny Brosinski lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Robin Seir, b. 1986 in Gothenburg, Sweden, graduated from the Royal Academy Schools in 2016. Seir has previous shown at Stephane Simoens (Knokke, Belgium), Galleri Brandstrup (Oslo, Norway), The Fireplace Project (New York, US), Gether Contemporary (Copenhagen, Denmark), NAM Project (Milan, Italy), Studio1.1 (London), among others.

Robin Seir lives and works in London, UK


Union Gallery is pleased to announce Incunable, Lucas Dupuy’s first exhibition with the gallery in our Showroom space, curated by William Gustafsson.

Incunable presents a new body of work by Lucas Dupuy, taking influence from his struggle with dyslexia from an early age to the present day.

When learning to read, Dupuy found that the shape of words were often blurred and would jump across the page. Dupuy mirrors this in this painting through loose abstract sprayed backgrounds on his works creating a blurred tension from the hard-edged shapes. Dupuy composes these unreadable shapes by repeating, copying, highlighting, while constructing the perception of textual shape and form. The grey palette of the presented works stems from Dupuy being given sheets of grey acetate when learning to read.

Incunable, originates from the Latin word ‘incunabula’ which refers to a book printed before 1501. These books are often unreadable to the common person today. The titles of the show also refers to the Autechre’s album incunabula. Music has had a major inpact on Dupuy’s work. Throughout his daily routine, both in and out of the studio, Dupuy absorbs himself in electronica. It is Autetchre’s album which has influenced his work most over the years, not just its sound but also the art work displayed on the album.

Through Dupuy’s life experience of dyslexia and the methods used to battle it, he has delivered an abstract world of the written word.

Lucas Dupuy, b. 1992 in London, is a recent graduate from the City & Guilds of London Art School. In 2017, Dupuy was awarded the Acme City & Guilds of London Art School Studio Prize along with the Clyde & Co Art Award.

Lucas Dupuy lives and works in London